James Cutler

Doing things well seems to be the better way. We don't have a lot of time on earth, so why not do our best and feel really good about it.”

In a world full of change & evolution we wanted to create a totally new kind of yacht, different by design, hand built in small series, that takes you back to the essence of sailing.
This yacht we like to call the Sportyacht. 
Sport being defined by its vivid character and blistering performance. Yacht as in Yachting lifestyle – voyaging, racing or sipping cocktails passionately.
Experiencing a DOMANI Sportyacht feels like writing your own story; personally selected & skilfully built, every Sportyacht, made to order, reflects her owners’ personality.

Driven by a desire for freedom, distinct by its progressive design, DOMANI is about sailing Gran Turismo style; fast, fun & luxurious, a timeless elegance worthy of admiring looks.


Welcome to DOMANI’s world of Sailing.