Collection - S30

Open minds, great ideas

S30 – Sportyacht by definition

Fascinating design, outstanding performance and maximum comfort were the lead marks to establish the new range of DOMANI Sportyachts – thus creating a truly unique sailing experience for the next generation sailor, unmatched in the current offering.

Inspired by the legendary Riva Aquarama, the S30 is shaped around a large central social area and a sun bed aft with easy access to the sea.

S30 – Different, different by Design

Distinct by its expressive & conceptual design, the low silhouette underlines the sportiness of the yacht. The sloping sheer line adds to the boats’ dynamic and sleek appearance, creating a roadster style emotion.

Various details as the elongated window design or the low curved rooftop further emphasise this impression – outing the Sportyacht’s lounge character.

S30 – Tailor made

Individuality is key in creating your unique DOMANI – personal choice in layout, materials, colour & feel, the combinations are endless.

A lounge character throughout – the interior, flooded with natural light & all round outside views, are built on a modular concept. For day sailing or club racing, the interiors can be clean & open. For cruising, a convenience or cuisine module can be installed.
Leaving assembly, every Sportyacht is different.

S30 – Less is more, free time is precious

Technically back to basics – a minimal approach. Less components, less maintenance. Light & green, electrical sail drive, easy to transport or store.
It’s about unplugging shore power and sailing in minutes.

S30 – Isn’t the purpose of every journey to discover something new?

Summer in the Fjords, Indian summer in St Tropez, no two places are alike.
Discover new beaches & waters, meet new people, broaden your sailing horizons beyond the local harbour. Be part of DOMANI’s world of Sailing.